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The world we see in the movie Her isn’t far off

(as featured on Two weeks ago, I watched the movie Her in preparation for an interview by a Brazilian newspaper. I knew I would find something closer to science fiction than reality, but the movie does have a foundation in reality. It was particularly interesting to see that the future depicted in the movie Read More


Google Glass vs Galaxy Gear: Would you rather keep your head up or continue to look down?

It wasn’t without a lot of anticipation that, last month, I finally jumped on a Citibike towards Google’s building at Chelsea Market in New York. I had finally received an invitation to pay a small fortune to become one of the few privileged Google Glass Explorers. I decided to go for the “fitting experience” at Read More

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So, you wanna be a rockstar?

2013 was a great year and only two things are lingering in my mind as the lamest things that are still happening. I am really worried about their short-terms roll-outs. The first one is North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un who, after having killed his own uncle in public, is now asking his army to get Read More


The Robot is Eating the Apple: Google Android will eventually make Apple’s iOS niche

As much as this may sound far-fetched, and I used to be an Apple fanboy who would step up to say “nonsense” to something along these lines, I strongly believe that the current state of things points pretty much to this outcome: Google, with its Android, will eventually make Apple’s iOS niche. The first thing Read More

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OK Google Now, you officially beat Siri

(As featured on Over a year and a half ago I was beyond excited with Siri and the possibilities Apple could explore with it. I wrote this article and argued that Siri took a more personal approach to digital personal assistants and thus could engage and learn more about the user than ever before. Read More


The Next in Digital Marketing – The Rise of the Digital Brain

(As featured on IDG Connect) The high tech industry is undoubtedly changing our lives at an accelerating pace. If you were born in the 70s like me and used the first personal computers connected to TVs and cassette players, like the ZX-Spectrum, or played ATARI 2600, you probably understand this better than any generation Y-er. All of Read More

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